Custom Gardens

Having a chef’s garden or edible landscape designed and maintained by Hampton Rustic Landscapes is truly special and fun for our busy residential clients and their families. We take pride in our ability to create gardens that are not only beautiful, but also edible and healthy for the whole family, including pets. We believe in a companion planting approach that is completely organic and allows each plant to be highly productive and naturally pest/disease prohibitive. For each garden Hampton Rustic Landscapes designs and installs—whether a simple herb window box, a set of custom made raised cedar beds for vegetables and cut flowers, a bird protected berry patch, or converting open lawn space to a mini fruit orchard—we can create and help maintain your custom dream garden. We not only help to design the garden but also offer customized garden maintenance programs that include as much or as little help as you want. From design on paper—to building, installing, planting, and the ongoing care of weekly weeding, mulching, irrigation checks, harvesting, pest monitoring, pruning, organic fertilizing, deadheading, and winterization—we are here to assist at any level you choose.


Vegetable and Chef Gardens
Child and Pet Friendly Edible Gardens
Herb Gardens
Cut Flower Beds and Gardens
Rose Gardens
Fruit Orchards
Berry Patches
Bulb Gardens
Annual/Perennial Beds
Edible Landscapes

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