Deer Protection
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At one point or another, all East End homeowners will face the challenge of cohabitating with deer. Protecting the newly planted vegetable garden, the heirloom roses, the welcoming flower pots by your front door—nothing is safe from our furry neighbors. As habitat continues to shrink, the deer have adapted and you may wake up one morning to a deer licking away at your bird feeder or nibbling on the newly planted landscape. It really only takes one night of deer activity to devastate a landscape. At Hampton Rustic we keep a very short list of truly deer resistant plants—though as habitat is lost, that list seems to shrink each passing year! We are also experts in deer fencing and various town codes on fencing, and are fully licensed for deer spraying. At Hampton Rustic Landscapes we can create a deer resistant landscape combined with an organic spray program and where possible, introduce barriers like fencing.


Organic Deer Spraying
Winter Burlap
Deer Fencing
Cattle Grates
Privacy Fencing
Pest Fencing for Lawns and Gardens
Custom Cedar/Metal Arbors
Pool Fencing and Safety Gates

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