Site Development

When working to move earth on a new or existing landscape, many unforeseen barriers and long-forgotten obstacles may lay buried in the ground. At Hampton Rustic Landscapes we have been moving earth and digging up the East End for almost 15 years, and along the way we have unearthed a number of surprises. With each encounter we have gained valuable knowledge of both the topography of the earth and how to resolve the issue. From a car-sized glacial boulder (a remnant of the ice age), to a long-forgotten water well—or more commonly, dealing with compacted soil from heavy machine construction while the home was built—we are equipped and capable of overcoming any challenge.


Precision Laser Grading
Property Drainage, Box Drains, Pool Box Drains
Trenching for Utilities
Well Installation and Removal
Soil De-Compaction
Dirt Excavation
Lawn Grading
Soil Screening
Custom Driveway Steel Edging
Shed and Bolder Moving
Old Wall/ Obstacle Removing

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Additional Services